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This product is a double-sided mounting tape that performs like a permant adhesive but can be easily removed when required, by simply pulling/stretching the adhesive (vertically), until the tape has fully & cleanly detatched itself.

this product is perfect for the signage & display industry. 

Other benefits of this product: 

▪ Very high bonding strength that adheres to vertually any surface

▪ Superior push out and shock resistance

▪ Easy removability even after long bonding time by stretching the adhesive

To see how this product works, please click the youtube link below:

Please note: this product can be slit to size upon request so if you require this product in a width that is not listed, please send us an email at for more information. 





Product Code AT70465
Colour White
Width 12mm / 18mm / 24mm
Length 50 Meters
Thickness 0.65mm
Quantity per unit 1

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