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Order Qty. 12mm x 55 Meters 18mm x 55 Meters 24mm x 55 Meters 48mm x 55 Meters
1-11 $23.50 $35.25 $46.95 $93.90
12+ $21.00 $31.50 $41.80 $83.75


3M™ 9472 double sided adhesive transfer tape exhibits a high strength acrylic adhesive.

Ideal for permanently bonding high and low surface energy plastics, textured plastics, signage, vinyl, foams, fabrics, and coated papers.

The product features:

  • 127 micron thin, high tack adhesive transfer tape for a wide variety of surfaces.

  • Good UV and chemical resistance.

  • Ideal for high surface energy (HSE) and low surface energy (LSE) materials.

  • Used as a general purpose transfer tape for a variety of high tack, thin applications.


Product Code AT9472
Colour Clear Permanent
Width 12mm / 18mm / 24mm / 48mm
Length 55 Meters
Thickness 0.13mm
Quantity per unit 1

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