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Order Qty. 400mm x 10 Meters
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FireBlock™  Butyl is a specially formulated type of fire-resistant material that expands in the event of a fire or when heated, to prevent the flame and heat from penetrating the surface it has been adhered to. 

This product can also be used for waterproofing, soundproofing, dustproofing, insulation, anti-corrosion and sealing.

FireBlock™  remains stable in normal room temperature conditions, but when heated over 200°C or in the event of fire, expands (up to 8 times its original size) and forms a fire-resistant char. It has great insulating characteristics preventing loss by fire.

FireBlock™ never hardens and remains permanently elastic and flexible.

This product is ideal for applications throughout the construction idustry

To see how FireBlock™ works please click the link below to see this amazing product being put to the test:

Click here

For more information on this product, including having it slit to size, please send us an email.



Product Code ATFB400
Colour Black
Width 400mm
Length 10 Meters
Quantity per unit 1

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