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Order Qty. 48mm x 50 Meters
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tesa® 7379 PV37 is a single-sided product with an aluminized polyester carrier. It features high reflectivity of both light and heat radiation and incorporates an age-resistant, high shear acrylic adhesive system. 
tesa® 7379 PV37 has excellent temperature range (-30°C to 100°C) and easy unwind characteristics.

This tape is ideal for: 

  • Joining of many types of roofing and wall insulation

  • Splicing of leaders for photo development

  • Repair and taping use in the screen printing process

  • Splicing in high temperature situations, including infrared radiation



Product Code PC7379PV37
Colour Silver
Width 48mm
Length 50 Meters
Quantity per units 1

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