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Order Qty. 24mm x 66 Meters 36mm x 66 Meters 48mm x 66 Meters 72mm x 66 Meters
1-11 $4.25 $6.40 $8.50 $10.65
12-35 $3.75 $5.65 $7.50 $9.40
36+ $3.25 $4.90 $6.50 $8.15


Hi-Tech Tapes™ PVC protection tape features a rubber based pressure sensitive adhesive which adheres well to both glass and aluminium for external applications.

The product has a medium tack which provides a stable adhesive strength yet removes cleanly without leaving residue. UV stabilised for three months.

Perfect for protecting metal surfaces during transportation, installation and construction.

Used extensively in the aluminium window and door industry Nationwide.

Available in Black or White.


Product Code AT421 / AT321
Colour Black / White
Width 24mm / 36mm / 48mm / 72mm
Length 66 Meters
Thickness 115 Microns
UV Resistance 3 Months Outdoors
Quantity per unit 1

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